Wall Types Library

Beam Wall Loads Library

The “Beam Wall Loads Library ” is used to create/edit the standard wall loads selectable from the drop down menu on the “Edit Beam Wall Load” dialog.

"Beam Wall Loads Library" will be loaded when "Partition Wall Loads " in the "Loading" pulldown is selected.

The library consists of 3 tables:

  1. Load Library – this is a list of various wall materials and unit weights which can be edited in “Edit Materials…”.

  1. Load Groups – this table contains The “Load Name” and “Color” of the standard wall loads that can be created/edited.

  1. Load Layers – this table displays the content of the highlighted “Load Group”, consisting of one or more layers of material of a specified thickness. The total load is calculated based on the specified unit weight of material in the “Material Library”.

  1. “Edit Load References” – this can be loaded by clicking the “Edit References…”. It can be used to edit the load references of the beam wall load of the selected storey(s). The beam wall load with the same group as the selected “Source Load” group can be replaced by the beam wall load as specified in the “Target Load” group. If “Apply selected load to all beams” is checked, the “Target Load” will be applied to all slabs in the selected storey(s).

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