Column and Wall Design Contents

Column and Wall Design Contents

The "Column Section Design" form can be accessed by clicking the “Column Section Design” option under the “Design” pulldown menu in the Graphic Editor. 

ProtaStructure can design rectangular, circular and polyline columns under uniaxial or biaxial bending according to “Ultimate Strength Design”. 


Settings to be used in the column and shear wall designs are assigned using the Column Design Settings option in the “Settings Center" under the "Building Setout" pulldown menu.

Concrete and steel grades to be used in the column and wall designs are assigned using the Materials button on the “Pre-Analysis” tab of the “Building Analysis” dialog.

Analysis results for the columns and walls are automatically transferred to theColumn Reinforcement Design module by the program. Columns and walls can be designed either according to these original analysis results or for member forces defined by the user. 

Column Reinforcement Design Modes

Column and Wall Design can be performed in two modes:

Interactive Mode

The design can be performed for individual member one storey at a time using theColumn Design Editor. Consideration should certainly be given to designing critical members by this method to obtain the best results.

More information about this method can be found under the title Interactive Column Design”.

Batch Mode

Using this mode, reinforcement of all columns/walls can be calculated and selected by the program automatically. More information about this method can be found under the title “Column Design (Batch Mode)”.

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