Foundation Design in ProtaStructure

Foundation Design in ProtaStructure

Watch our webinar recording on “Foundation Design in ProtaStructure”.

Topics Covered:
Estimating Pile Capacities
Modeling and Designing Foundations Including
Pile Caps
Pad Bases
Strip Footings
Raft Foundations
Combined Pile and Base Bases
Piled Rafts
Irregular Foundations and Foundation Beams
Documenting Your Foundation Design and Detailing
See the flexibility of ProtaStructure for foundations in action

Host: Nigel WATTS, Managing Director, Prota Software

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      The Storey Beam Section Design and Detailing form can be accessed by clicking the “Storey Beam Section Design and Detailing” option under the “Design” pulldown menu and then selecting one of the “Storey Beams”, “Ribs Beams” or “Foundation Beams” ...
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