Layer and Color Settings

Layer and Color Settings

Layer and color settings are controlled from here.  The “Layers” form can be loaded by clicking the “Layers and Color Settings” option under the “Building Setout” ribbon.

  • Individual layers can be switched on or off.
  • In the Graphic Editor, members are automatically defined in specified layers according to their member types.
  • Different layers for different member types help to improve the readability of the drawing. 
  • At the same time, different layers yield to view only some of the member types by freezing the rest of them.
  • In theLayer Settings Table, you can freeze or thaw a layer by clicking the check box column at the beginning of each layer line. The layers frozen will neither show on the screen nor send to printer or plotter.
  • When you export a drawing to a CAD program, the names defined in the Layer Description column will be the layer names in the CAD environment.
  • Colors of the drawing elements (such as text, line, or circle), can be modified in the Color column. When you select a cell on the colour column of the table, a colour list will be displayed with the colour choices available.
  • Different line thickness values can be assigned to different layers in the Line Width column.
  • Similar to line width, different line types can be assigned to different layers. When you click a cell on the Line Type column, a list showing various line types will be displayed. You can use the Line Type Scale field in Display Settings dialog to define the drawing scale of the lines.
  • Text font and height can be modified in the Layer Settings Table as well. When you click a cell on the Text Fontcolumn, font choices will be displayed in a list.
  • If you want to save changes, close theLayer Settings Table by clicking the OK button.
  • You can search for a specific layer by typing into the search box provided at the bottom of the layers dialog.
  • You can defined theme colour for modeling members by select "Dark Background" or "Light Background" or "Custom" in pulldown list  provided at the bottom of the layers dialog. 

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