Define Merged Wall Reinforcement in Polyline Column Editor

Define Merged Wall/Irregular column Reinforcement in Polyline Column Editor

Define Merged Wall Reinforcement in Polyline Column Editor

  • Step 1: Select the merged RC walls on plan view > Right click > Polyline column editor.
    • Kindly note that if you have run building analysis, it's also possible to access this polyline column editor by selecting the merged wall > Right click > Column section design > Steel layout. This button allows you to quickly amend the steel layout and redesign the merged wall in "Design" dialog.
  • Step 2: Click “Delete steel bars and links” to remove all the default steel bar and link
  • Step 3: Click “Automatic containment” to insert the corner bars and links.
    • Kindly note that if the "Automatic containment" is not working, please click "Delete steel bars and links" > Click "All Links" > Click "Insert bars at all corners"
    • You may point at the created links or longitudinal bar > right click > click "delete links/ longitudinal rebars" 
To create closed link/irregular link, you may right click on the rebar that you wish to start the link from and choose "Start Link Insertion" > pick rebars to connect the link > right click to end drawing by selecting "End Link Insertion"
  • Step 4: Define the intermediate bars by pointing your mouse at the link intersection until the mouse pointer is changed to round shape > left click, Hold and Drag to the other side intersection and release your mouse > click “Ok” to insert the intermediate bars
  • Step 5: Repeat the step (4) for all edges to insert the intermediate bars.
  • Step 6: Click “OK” to close.
  • Step 7: Then, you can reselect the wall reinforcement.
The Auto-Containment function is not available for Enclosed Merged Wall. 

The recorded steps are shown in the GIF file below:

  1. Manually Insert Bars for Merged Walls:

  1. Automatically Insert Bars for Merged Walls:

  1. Automatically Insert Bars for Irregular Shaped Columns:

TIP 1:

You may want to insert the "END ZONE LINKS" by following the steps below
  • Point your mouse cursor at one shorter edge of the links > right click > Choose "End Zone Link"
  • Move your mouse cursor and you will observe a rubber band > Left click to define the length of end zone link
  • In the pop out dialog, you may adjust the exact length of the "End zone link" on both i and j ends. You may uncheck the I or J end zone link if you do not want to insert it
  • Click "OK" to insert 

Recorded steps are shown in the GIF file below.

TIP 2:

After you define the reinforcement layout for one of the merged walls, you can copy and paste the bars of this merged walls to other similar merged walls by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Concrete Design” on the top menu bar > Click “Column Section design”
  2. Use “Filter” to filter the merged RC walls by clicking “Filter” > Check “Filter by member label(s)” > Choose the wall “Cx” (see image below) > Click “OK”

       c. Choose the “xCx” in the table which you have defined the column reinforcement layout > Click “Copy bars” > click “Paste bars to all"

Alternatively, you may use "Generate storey" to generate the updated merged wall to other storeys.

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